Saved ,hopefully, from certain loss-two cuttings of JACK FROST-a rareish FLORIST EXHIBITION FANCY PANSY

Whilst checking cuttings over I noticed one sad looking stem, so detached it from the parent  and noticed at the base were some small roots.

Decided to try to keep some portion of the discarded stem.

Photo 1 is of ice cream carton, covered with a supermarket containers for tomatoes etc.containing the pot with the cuttings/slips.

Initially they were placed inside a polybag,but as they were put into the media on the 20th Dec 2010 they look as if they may just produce two new plants this in addition to the original plant .They are very “leggy” but probably heat induced along with low light levels.

Viewers may question the wisdom of using a stem that had displayed a problem, but these Florist Flowers, as someone said way back in the 1800’s,” are not ours to discard, but should be kept for future generations”.

So I feel that if an opportunity arises where you can produce new plants from the dead, so to speak, it is worthwhile.



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