Florist Exhibition Fancy pansies

The last in the current recognition series, but this Florist type seems to be  the most popular at shows, as the judging standards allow a more liberal outlook regarding colours than the SHOW PANSY.

With hindsight , if the National Society for Pansy and violas  had been more  proactive perhaps in the last decade, then we might now have  classes, with their own similar judging standards, for the FAIRLY new  FRILLY PANSIES,AND  PANOLOAS in the same way that the FANCY PANSY  joined the FLORIST SHOW PANSY.

(According to what was written  at  the  time- the Florists of the day were not very happy about letting this the FANCY pansy  being called a Florist flower and fought against it.)

The Fancy pansies are  :-

1 Rodney Fuller

2Bishops Gold

3Jessie Taylor

4William Snocken

The only one of these that I have grown is Bishops Gold, and I have never seen any of the others at the National Show .

Finally wishing all visitors to this site a peaceful and healthy New Year.



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