Pansies, violas and PANOLAS-lots of- requiring good homes !!!

Taken yesterday, 09/12/10, at a local garden centre.Most still frozen solid.

More plants than you can shake a stick at.

In the fourth picture on the notice, on the fence top right, it informs customers about Pansy ,Viola or PANOLAS prices .

Info exists about  PANOLAS  on the web, though I must admit that they are new to me.

They have been around in America since before 2000,and are stated to be a cross between pansies and violas, viola tufted plants but with more flowers about a” quarter size of pansies?”

Perhaps members of  the NVPS( details shown on the” how to grow page”, this site) should investigate if new classes and new standards for exhibiting are required?

Looking at photos on the web of this new race they seem to be very similar to bedding pansies or violas, flower wise with or without blotches, it seems however their attraction is that they have more flowers and less straggly stems. Much more suitable for bedding,but traces of the FLORIST genes can be seen in quite a few.

It seems strange that horticulturists spent the first two hundred years to reach an agreed standard ,and get to a state of 70% perfection perhaps- for breeders then to disregard all this former time and effort.



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