A drop of easy watering

The plants , this year’s young plants, being overwintered in the greenhouses, do require some watering occasionally ,and by using rainfall it seems to suit them better than the highly alkali water from the mains. This was taken yesterday afternoon 04/12/10.They all had a couple of hours light rain.Temp in the open, about 40 F

The second shot , another experiment , as these are plants removed from large planters which provided most of my exhibition flowers at the National Show.

I cut down and reduced their size, and then potted them up into much smaller pots for the winter.

They were a bit like mongrels, when compared to the plants raised by cuttings. Rough ,but tough.

If they produce exhibition quality flowers next year, then I may consider cuttings down on the cuttings I raise each year.

All of the plants in the first picture,approx over 150,were all from cuttings taken in January this year, through to September.

I have some more still in the greenhouse taken in October but awaiting the spring to pot up or just plant out in the garden.



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