Seedling show pansy- in a pot- in a basket



This is one of only three  seedlings from last year that I have bothered to keep.


The main advantage of this one is the vigour of the plant.


Only one plant in a pot resting in a empty hanging basket(basket used to keep at eye level , give plenty of drainage, and keep slug free).

The centre of the plant gives an indication of the vigour of “wanting to grow”.


Unlike most show pansy’s this one has lots of natural side shoots with no stopping whatsoever. Five in total, but each then has a separate cluster of further basal shoots, and more in the centre.

This plant seems to want to keep branching out,getting bigger and bigger.


The white residue on the leaves is not mildew but traces of a sulphur fungicide to prevent this problem.


The material in the centre is vermiculite.


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