Nothing ventured nothing gained

A few weeks ago I was experimenting- using Rockwool cubes for cloning .I liked the sterile propagating advantages of this product.

I find EXPERIMENTING with media mixes, rooting gels,techniques,and recording the results, gives an added impetus to what can be an absorbing all year round hobby. Keeping in touch with the rest of the growing of special plants.

Every day one has a new item to check out. A new discovery. A success(great lift) or failure ( a new idea to try ). A lesson learnt. Moving on like life.

The cuttings did not wilt in the cubes, but after several weeks, showed no signs of roots coming through the cubes, so I just placed them in trays of my potting on mix and left them to root.This they did as the fresh green tiny leaves indicate. Took about four weeks.

Despite searching the web extensively I cannot find anyone using this idea. All the instructions are to wait until roots are SEEN before potting up.

Next year I will try to make plants by putting into pre-soaked rock wool cubes, and then direct into soil and let them root-so much easier!!.

The idea being that the stems will be protected from rotting by the sterile conditions ,and obviate the need to keep checking on moisture levels etc

On repotting the inner roots will be easy to protect, and the sterile condition remain, so no STEM ROT.a major source of failure.

The other photo  is of, some- mainly-  Fancy Pansy seedlings  from this year’s deliberate crossings.

It was going to be all neat and tidy, but I decided to put more and more seedlings between the original six rows –hence the untidiness. Checked them today 18th Nov and they have now mostly got true leaves.

Slugs had started to decimate these  little seedlings, which had been sown outdoors in large pots in September, and whilst I had originally wanted to leave them outside all winter, I realised that I needed to act quickly so as not to lose them all ,and to pot them up and bring inside the greenhouse.

I would not normally attempt to pot up at this stage- ideally waiting for more true leaves to appear.

Sometimes the ideal is not possible, but this did remind me that plants are a bit like children needing constant looking after when young !!!!!


Visitors might question why this post is not in the How to Grow page of this website,but I think that trying to stimulate interest is best served by posting this onto the most visited page.

We now have visitors from Canada-welcome.



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