A list of named exhibition sorts of violas and pansies


Attached is a list kindly given to me in 2007 by the president of the Scottish society with his stock at the time.


Sadly  plants pass away through time, through one reason or another ,and this list might now not be extant.


To my knowledge no new named seedlings, have appeared for many years, and new breeders are needed for all the “florist” types, as the older cultivars lose their vitality, and ease of cloning, long term disease can become residual  as well.


I appreciate that commercial plant breeders produce almost an infinite range of garden bedders each year seemingly more flashy-frills for example- all of course trying to sell more and more plants. This to gardeners who perhaps like the instant appeal, and do not worry or concern themselves about the heritage of the plant concerned.


Some of the plants bred seem, ironically, to have a little of the magic of the florist types.


An example of this is that sometimes the petals are a little “velvety” in garden centre plants and this seems to be an attraction for some, but never as beautiful as the deep velvet appearance all over the petals of the  Fancy  Pansies ,which has probably ensured their continued attraction to the connoisseur along with  their delicate fragrance.


Most people on seeing a real Fancy Pansy  flower for the first  time  appear to be amazed at how more magnificent in petal texture these flowers are, when compared to the commercialised bedding ones.


As you cannot buy or be given the exhibition sorts-  apart from- normally- a member or ex -member of the NVPS- then I suppose that one can call them truly priceless.


Being a member of the NVPS lets you into a world where you can obtain and then learn to grow, handle and admire  types of pansies and violas that perhaps no other gardener in  horticulture is able.


You DO NOT HAVE TO EXHIBIT, but please try to come to the AGM in 2011 and/ or the show and bring your ideas with you.


Just grow for the ability to see what your great grandparents (mid 1800’s)) would have been growing if they grew violas and admire their ability to breed from a humble weed plants of the fineness and quality that at one time they probably outgrew roses etc in their hearts. Think also of all the people who have kept their plants each year, taken cuttings, and bred new Florist cultivars for us to enjoy.


So my advice would be to have a look at page three(Contacts) of this website and join us for the coming growing season if you also want a new hobby.






One thought on “A list of named exhibition sorts of violas and pansies

  1. Hi Graham,well done for setting up this web site, like the idea of being able to comment.the list of florist pansies and violas tha still exist may not be accurate as I have lost a few varieties as have other growers.

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