Looking for Novice growers for 2011-help always given on the day-I speak from experience!!!


Showing for the first time always seems daunting especially at the National show, but if the schedule ( see attachment) is studied for the NOVICE section it can be seen that garden centre or seed grow violas or pansies can be exhibited.(last three classes refer).Most garden centres name these bedders, as we call them ,so the variety’s name is known.

NB:- Observant visitors will notice the wording error in the schedule – third class asking for” one bloom of two varieties of show pansies”.Quite an achivement  !!Though I suppose all blooms are from a cross-,but it means I am sure- one bloom of any variety of show pansy.

Never mind we can laugh at ourselves.


Normally at the show most novices do not have “exhibition” types because they cannot be purchased at any garden centre outlet, and are normally obtained from members of the society at the show or agm or  by phoning etc. 

If any help is needed at the show just ask for it from any experienced member.


The other photos are of a single exhibition Fancy Pansy flower on a single board- perhaps a new word to describe the home made object, in which blooms are shown might be useful- as in the other pictures they resemble a “box”, the third  is of our editor John Towning recording the whole of Novice entries at the 2008 Annual show following judging.


The last are of  three pots of seed grown bedding pansies/violas  at the 2007 Annual- show in the main classes but illustrating how easily manageable by the average gardener this is and finally a novice’s exhibit in a vase class. We all need to start somewhere.


If you win the novice section overall, then you cannot compete in this section again, but in some cases, once attending the show one soon becomes “hooked” on the exhibition trail or pathway, meeting lots of like minded growers from all over Britain. From Scotland all the way to Cornwall and beyond, and having a hobby which brings saneness in today’s hectic world!!!



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