Getting ready for winter, cuttings progress, cutting to flower.

The first picture is greenhouse cleaned and ready for potted cuttings,(older plants will stay uncovered in garden)

The second is of eight cuttings, side shoots and tip cuttings from a discarded old plant in  pre-soaked  cubes ,with ph down, and for the first time ever very little loss of colour in leaves-normally they tend to yellow all over as ph is about 6  or even 7.They were inserted on the 8th Oct-no roots yet, but expected any day now.

The third picture is of a cutting taken in July this year, and the first flower fully open this week. This is really what it’s all about. Creating something new , but still retaining the exact make up of the parent plant.

The mark on the lower petal should not be present as the edge  should be complete and of one colour. Never mind still quite nice even though not ideal from a showing perspective. Notice the nice bright yellow eye and  white inverted  cone shaped throat above the eye.



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