Potting on time for new cuttings FOLLOWING experiment.

In late August, this year, I noticed some side shoots well up the stem of a seedling plant, with minute swellings- possible roots at the base of each side shoot? These were not basal in the sense that they were below the soil, and I had never seen the like before.

I took five and without ANY  preparation, cutting or hormone powder just placed  them into  a  DEEPISH POT. First picture.

The SECOND shows LOVELY  CLEAN  WHITE DISEASE FREE  NEW ROOTS. Just bursting with LET ME GROW ENERGY. as at yesterday.

They were stopped  a few weeks FOLLOWING BEING PLACED IN THE DEEP POT (the idea to help create base rooting) and the results of the root growth can be seen.

CONCLUSION: They were side shoots from seedlings ,and this could be possibly evolution of some kind, often humans do not recognize this process in plants but evolution does not stop, and  so it is possible that these seedlings have developed a new way to propagate themselves as in nature they would trail on the ground and rooting would be quite easy and clumps could soon form.



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