A cutting in early July now a flowering plant-early October.

This first photo, is a picture of a seedling ,cross made 2009,sown Jan 2010,cutting taken July 2010.Just to show the sequence of events into bringing somthing new into our world.Hopefully of beauty.


Still unnamed-any ideas ?


Yesterday research issued on the web showed that plants with stripes and spots helped bumble bees to fertilise them better than plain flowers.As the markers became signals to attract the bees to land/alight on the flowers.


More open pollinated  plants equals more plants and more bumble bees.


As standards set down years ago by the NVPS insist rays or semblance of rays should downgrade or even exclude violas from exhibition- it makes you wonder at the human disregard for nature in order to try to control evolution ,but as ever  ,hindsight is the key perhaps. Photo 2 shows a plain faced exhibition viola. No rays or semblance, but years ago it’s parents would have carried lots of “whiskers” or rays.


It is nice to see visits made to this website from North America,West side and Australia top side, and Japan, no specific details just a coloured  map showing interest, to all you guys out there please drop Malcom a line and see what our society can offer



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