At least twenty basal cuttings from one plant, itself a cutting this year

A few more weeks and cuttings can begin from this plant. First picture. The item in the centre is of a cane support and the main stem is much thinner if you look carefully.

I have never seen so many basal shoots before, and wonder if this is the result of using a untried technique on the parent whilst it was a cutting itself.

The second picture is of the original plants of this year potted up from their containers, some used for show work, where they had been resident since spring.

The cuttings from these plants are replacements, and hopefully these plants then become surplus and given away at a later date.

The third one is a revamped area of dappled shade ,following my own advice, the lawn has been recycled into more raised beds(why pay for a skip to dispose of good loam?) and a patio laid to accommodate pots etc for next season. It does not match the artificial “York stone” but who cares!!



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