viola cornuta


This shot is of a named viola cornuta , named Victoria Cawthorne,growing in a pot.

The cornuta is a vital link in the development of the violas, As the field heartsease or common weed, was to the pansy tribe that started it all some 200 years ago.

After many years of crossing the wild heartsease with wild pansy types, mountain pansies etc, a Show pansy(pictures on this site)  was developed, then a cross was made between the show pansy with this cornuta type and the viola was born or raised, this had no blotches, but at the time rays.

Later the rays were bred out.

So these flowers like many others have been created artificially by keen gardeners, mainly nurserymen to sell more plants to” must have

New plant colour or shape” gardeners.

Much like today.

Every year garden centres suppliers, and plant firms seem to raise new colours and new shapes, but behind it all lies this viola cornuta.

For exhibition standards viola have no rays OR semblance of rays and NO blotches, however show pansy and fancy pansy must have blotches.

As this site is dedicated to the Florist Show pansy, Fancy Pansy and Exhibition Viola I feel that the beginnings of these flowers should be explained and really is a tribute to long departed gardeners of the 18th Century female and male, whose dedication to this flower has left our lives with something of beauty to appreciate, when they PAINTED WITH POLLEN all those years ago, and hopefully the current National Society members will continue to cherish their legacy and keep it safe for centuries to come by being a small part of this human endeavour to give pleasure to many.


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