another shot of a pot! This time of a plant named Zoe


This is a lovely free flowering tiny plant smothered in bloom AND WITH  SCENT, mine are still going strong in a small pot FOUR  years after original planting.

Violas, but not pansies will ,if trimmed in late summer to a couple of inches with shears , reward with a second flush of bloom.

Some growers cut half the pot, and then when the cut side comes back into bloom cut the other older half, thus ensuring flowers all the time.

A little drastic in my opinion, but the plants do seem to relish and produce new growth within weeks, and then blooms- a few weeks later.

The historic reason for this is that breeders long ago used in breeding programmes natural “tufted” wild sorts to cross- resulting in a fibrous rooting tufted plant, which can be treated in such a manner.

To do this with show pansies and fancy pansies results in almost certain death of the plant.

These need different treatment to prolong their blooming life, which membership of the National Viola and Pansy society, details on CONTACTS page ON THIS WEBSITE, would enable interested people to get this information, along with plants.

Yesterday I gave away FREE 40 pots of stock plants ,no longer required, because I have rooted cuttings from all of the named plants to grow on for next year.

They all went down to a Cornish grower to take his own cuttings from in his own time. His details appear on the CONTACTS page if anyone down in the South West wanted to join the society and get some advice and  possibly cuttings.


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