Some recent photos


The sequence is firstly:- a view of the propagation cabinet(one third of area shown)  not essential but makes life easier. The next is of some “Irishman’s” cuttings, which are really rooted basal stems in their pots which are kept dryish to prevent “rotting”.Again explained a little more in the how to grow page.

The large pot, third photo is of plants from cuttings taken in the early part of the year and the last of cuttings rooted and potted up a couple of week’s ago.


The general advice of when to take cuttings is “when they are there” this means a 365 day hobby as it is a bit like a game and one has to constantly adjust to keep up with the needs of your plants.

Sometimes you begin to wonder, but that’s what it’s all about. You get into a rhythm which keeps you sane. It is great to meet or talk with like minded folk.




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