photos taken 23 Aug 2010 showing types of cuttings

 The first photo is a potential TIP cutting the second is a potential STEM  cutting and the third is a potential BASAL cutting, the picture of the flower is a Blackfaulds Gem x John Rodger seedling, which is called in the pansy world a Belted Show pansy.

As you can see from the standard set by the society, it still has a long way to go before these are met.

However because it is a seedling the plant is very much more vigorous than either of the parents.

 The two parents are just about the only varieties of “belted” show pansies remaining in the world today.

 To be a true show pansy it should be no smaller than two inches in diameter, bottom petal should be straight along its top edge and be nearly half the complete flower, and the two side  petals meet above the eye, which itself, should be precise ,but most importantly the whole outer flower should form a complete circle, and the petals should be velvety. The belting should be equal and the colour should be the same as the two top petals.

Needless to say for show work the flower must be clean and fresh in other words timed to perfection.In show work the bloom would be dressed,more of this later.



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