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During the coming months it is hoped to encourage people to become interested enough in the subject  to produce a collection of Florist  cultivars of pansies, violas and violettas – these have a delightful” NOSEINHALE”-  one plant is enough to scent a greenhouse,lovely in January or February).to grow and show at the annual Viola and pansy show held in Bridgenorth in June of each year.

This show caters for all types of pansies and violas apart from the Florist types-the premeirship stars on the day,the “bedders ” as the society calls them ,but basically these are the ones sold in the garden centres across the whole of the uk.and may well be the most common garden plant grown.

However the society members hold the more challenging, and in my opinion, rewarding Florist types.

These have velvety petals,and exhibit “form” (a set of standards laid down by the society-for growers ,breeders and judges are compelled to adhere to  )and need a lot of attention to get them to their peak for the show-a bit like an world class athlete!!!!

A website for the Society existed in the past and if anyone wishes to research please use this gives lots of details about the past from mid 1990 ‘s to 2003 when it sadly for some reason it ceased to be updated.This has now hopefully been sorted out and in time the site will be updated again. 

Hopefully this new website will try to take over some of the ideas used in the past  eg  ,like photographs of named Florist- Fancy pansy , Show pansy and of course Show Violas,and  cultural knowledge to help newcomers.


2 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Wonderfull site .good to see you are doing well. I am safely at home and getting back to growing and showing. Even managed a trophy or 3 with P & V’s. Dr’s think I’ll slowly fully recover (w/c a bit slow for me but Dr who is or was going to repair my knee said just relax and accept leg brace cause being in plaster for 6-9 weeks would be a major set back (I definetly don’t want any more set backs just wish I could do more) Job still open but friend or 2 told me they down to a 3 day week so maybe I’ll have a bit more time for gardening even if do get better so may even manage to B/north next year. all the best Malcolm

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