How to obtain florist pansys and violas


If anyone out there wishes to grow and show these flowers then the only way of getting any is by joining the National Viola and Pansy society.

These plants are not for sale commercially, and plants are normally only available by coming to the society’s AGM or the National show,where growers  bring plants for exchange or for newcomers providing that they are current members.


They are not the easiest plants to keep but are a considerable challenge to anyone relishing trying to have a go,and also to belong to a small but very friendly society due to celebrate 100 years in 2014


The florist cultivars are far more refined than the garden centre ones,and each has a history of its own.

They do not breed true from seed so cuttings are the only way to propagate them ,hence the first challenge.With guidance and help from this site success is sure.



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